Swarovski releases limited edition N the Skull Docking Station

Swarovski has released a limited edition fashion accessory that is a skull-shaped iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S docking station. The accessory comes at the wrong time because, with the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple fanboys will dispose of the earlier models as quickly as possible. However, like most fashion pieces, this Swarovski docking station is not meant to be bought for its technical specs but instead for its value as a showpiece. The Skull shines in a beautiful jet hematite crystal with a ruthenium finish metal face. This piece is a pleasant departure from Swarovski’s more feminine, lighter-colored crystal pieces. This item is one of those rare crystal pieces that can be gifted to men. With only 199 pieces, this unique gift is not easily available as Swarovski isn’t selling it online, and it is displayed in only selected boutiques; perhaps they should have created 666 pieces. This outdated docking station sells for $1,100 and is engraved with the individual limited edition number on it.

[Chipchick and Available at: Swarovski]