Swarovski studded Nintendo DS Lite

Swarovski crystals are here to rule! Anything encrusted with these blingy rocks is unquestionably going to make a heads turn. It virtually enlivens any conventional gadgets. Renowned Japanese designer Tikko too decided to catch up with this hottest trend and presented a Swarovski studded Nintendo DS Lite. The customization is not cheap and will set you back by 45,000 Yen ($ 390) for the price you can get three DS Lites. If you are complaining, then you have not heard of this – “The best things in life are free”, said three famous American songwriters in the musical “Good News” in 1927. Obviously they were referring to the moon, the stars, flowers, robins, sunbeams and love.

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Show off your riches by renouncing your somber DS Lite for this flashy, classy look.