SwissMemory Prestige Series – jeweled memory sticks

Coming from the house of Victorinox Swiss Army, the memory stick series dubbed as the SwissMemory Prestige series is just what any geek will die to lay his/her hands on. Strictly for the well off nerds, this range of memory sticks is only shaped from silver or yellow as well as white gold. This already exclusive range of USB memory sticks is made pricier by sprinkling diamonds on the yellow gold one. Probably only silver or gold wasn’t enough to enthuse the loaded geeks! So, buddy, it’s not just the gold or the breathtaking blaze of sparkling diamonds or the flawless finish. It’s the passion of perfection that speaks!

By the way, you also get a blade, a nail file with a screwdriver, scissors, and a keyring in the bargain! Only available in 1 GB, you can settle from the sterling silver ones that are the cheapest at $800 or go for the ‘plain’ white or yellow gold that is valued at $3200. But if you really are in a mood to spend then who can stop you from buying the $6,000 one yellow gold with diamonds key?