Tag Heuer Racer smartphone, inspired by race cars, is launched

Moving away from watches for a change, once again Tag Heuer, the Swiss watchmaker, has unveiled their latest smartphone. This is not their first foray into the world of cell phones. In 2011 they broke ground and introduced their Tag Heuer Link smartphone. Now they have delighted us with The Racer. Inspired by GR and Formula 1 racing cars, this Android based smartphone is being touted as well engineered on the same level as those racing cars. The exterior of the phone is shockproof rubber chassis, further engineered with lightweight carbon fiber and titanium screws. Some of the more technical specifications of the phone have not been revealed although Tag Heuer has mentioned that the phone is fitted with high speed processor and has a customizable 3D user interface.

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The Racer will be available at select Tag Heuer stores and watch and jewelry retailers. With starting price of $3,700, it almost seems affordable.