Take a look at the 24k Lux Gold Apple AirPods by Brikk

If your regular AirPods aren’t ‘luxe’ enough for you, we now have 24k gold covered versions of the Apple headphones that are just bling you need this season! Swathed in yellow gold, the ludicrously priced headphones re-define opulence and are enough instill any missing sense of luxury from your life.

Priced at $5000, the Lux AirPods are an offering of Brikk which has hand polished, plated and assembled each pair to perfection. Each Lux has been crafted with utmost care in the brand’s state-of-the-art laboratory in Los Angeles, USA and few other facilities across the country. The plating of the Lux AirPods is touted to be 3.0 microns which is further certified with a test report of plating thickness with each purchase. The coating further claims to be thick enough for doing away with the need for any proactive covers for the AirPods.

The Brikk Lux AirPods are presented in an opulent package with a charging case (featuring an embossed Brikk Logo) and cable, neatly tucked along with a golden charisma of sorts. There is also an option to buy an 18k pink gold an or 950 platinum version of the AirPod, although its clearly the 24k gold-dipped Apple beauty that steals the show! The Brikk Lux AirPods Classic headphones are expected to available onward November.

[Available at:Brikk]

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