TCC Kitchen Center food processing center

Now available, attractive slick solution for your kitchen with the most up-to-date appliance. Eradicating the need of multiple appliances, the TCC Kitchen Center has introduced a built-in food processing system. This all-in one blender, mixer and chopper saves your space, time and hassle by getting rid of unessential electric cords and motors. The motor of the TCC kitchen center is concealed under the kitchen counter. Only the control buttons and the blender attachment are visible. One of the quietest electric food processor available, it has a tough 600Wmotor with 5 push button controls for speed ranging from 7000rpm-18000rpm. Costing $300 this kitchen center will definitely add that contemporary look to your kitchen.

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The system is designed to adapt several attachments-
Stainless Blender-6 cup capacity, recommended price $64.95
Glass Blender-6 cup capacity, recommended price $49.95
Stainless Mixer-4 Quart capacity, recommended price $109.95
Mini-Chopper-3 cup capacity, recommended price $35.95
TCC is also planning to introduce more attachments for convenience in the near future.

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