Tenori-on: A modern musical instrument

How cool will a musical instrument be if it comes along with a system that needs you to manipulate a series of buttons? Well, I really couldn’t make more of it (blame the simplistic concept of frets that have kept me busy for the last decade). Anyway, mastering a guitar seems so yesterday for someone who swallows every new find on the internet. The Tenori-on is composed of a 16 x 16 grid of LED switches that I presume may be responsible for different sounds at different octaves. The frame is made of magnesium and it has a pair of built in speakers too. I wonder if this is among one of those futuristic instruments that I saw the Jetsons fiddle with.

This one costs $1,200. It seems that you can connect multiple such devices to create a little electronic orchestra of some sort. I want more information!

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