The $9k Hasselblad X1D medium format mirrorless camera is excellence in compactness

Now that Hasselblad has made an entry into the compact segment of cameras, there are two ways of looking at what they have to offer. The X1D medium format mirrorless camera enters as one of the cheapest cameras from the brand and the most expensive ones in the compact space, at $9,000. Your thoughts could swing either way, but no matter which way, the celebrated camera brand, known for its high-end shooters, will bring you the goodness of the world’s first medium format mirrorless camera, and it looks great! How they managed to accommodate a 50-megapixel CMOS sensor into the compact body of the camera. The 44 x 33 mm sensor is 68 percent larger than that of the Sony A7RII and the Canon EOS 1DX, which means that you can now expect better-lit images with better dynamic range, enhanced colors a greater depth of field.

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The camera is handmade, making it distinctively precious when compared to other offerings in the similar segment. What’s more is that it is dust- and weather-proof and offers Wi-Fi, two SD card slots, an XGA Electronic Viewfinder, miniHDMI, Audio in/out and USB-C. It is also expected to incorporate GPS for geo-tagging soon. At $9,000, it may not be the most affordable compact camera but will surely fulfill many a dream of shutterbugs who wish to own their first Hasselblad without paying with a limb.
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