The Apple Watch leaves Rolex and Tag Heuer in the dust in luxury brand rankings

While we do agree that the watch market is full of surprises, we’ve recently stumbled across some extremely astounding news that has left us astonished! According to an analytics firm called NetBase, the Apple Watch has displaced Rolex on a list of luxury global brands. The report is based on social media mentions and consumer sentiment from more than 700 million social media posts between 2014 an 2015. The Apple Watch has managed to overshadow some of the world’s biggest watch luxury brands including Tag Heuer and Patek Phillippe! When you come to think of it however, it isn’t so surprising that the Apple Watch is more popular than leading luxury watch brands on social media, given the fact that it’s exposed to a larger audience.

Ask a true watch connoisseur and he/she certainly wouldn’t rate the Apple Watch above a chunky Rolex or a Richemont. That said, the NetBase report did see the Apple brand on the 4th position, with the first spot taken by Chanel. Apple seems keen on giving its geeky image a luxurious feel and in the past, the company has tied up with the likes of Hermès to unleash luxury Apple Watches. Apart from that, the customer service offered at Apple Stores around the globe is nothing short of premium!

[ Via : Cultofmac ]

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