The Best Gadgets To Turn Your Hotel Room Into A 5 Star Suite

We all know we don’t always live the life of luxury and even some of the world’s leading hotel chains can let us down every now and again.

Never fear though as there are plenty of gadgets you can take with you to transform a bog-standard hotel room into a place of luxury, relaxation and even entertainment.

There are so many gadgets out there that can help, in fact it was difficult to create a definitive list. But without further ado, here are four must haves to turn your hotel room into somewhere you actually want to spend some time.

Tempur TravelSet: You Own Bed Away From Home
One of the biggest problems in hotels can be the bed. After all, you can’t beat the comfort of your own bed. However, Tempur have released an amazing travel set that offers supreme comfort on even the most uncomfortable of hotel beds.

Retailing at the £300, it’s perfect for those who don’t want to leave their own bed behind and will truly have you sound asleep in no time.

Unlock Everything with a VPN
It can be a pain when you’re away on business, want to kick back in your hotel room with a few episodes on Netflix, only to realise the country you’re in doesn’t allow you to watch what you want. This nightmare is called geoblocking and it can be easily avoided.

Some countries block access to the likes of Netflix and in some cases social media sites. The best way to unblock Facebook and Netflix is with a VPN, which essentially allows you to browse in complete privacy and disabling sites such as those above from knowing your location, providing full access.

VPNs are easy to come by and a quick Google search will point you in the right direction and for fairly low cost too.

A Night at the Cinema with a Travel Projector
Of course, if you’re wanting to catch up on the latest drama, you’re not going to want to do it on your tiny tablet. No, a travel projector and a nice off-white hotel wall is what you need. There are some incredibly travel projectors on the market today, starting as low as £80 and going up to £500 and beyond.

One of the best for travelling is the ZTE Spro 2, which weighs just 1.2 pounds. Despite this, it has a touch screen, two and a half hours battery life and has great sound. The most important thing is it can give a high quality screen of up to 10 foot too. Hotel room? More like cinema room…

Soak in a Bath Spa
A hard day’s work, or long hours exploring a city can often make you crave relaxation in the comfort of your room and what better way to do that than with a bath spa.

Most hotel rooms will have a fairly standard tub, so a portable bath spa is worth every penny. They generally retail at around £150, but are small enough to fit in a bag and can really help you relax ahead of a new day.

The Medisana 88386 is a popular model and has a four step massage function which is perfect for unwinding.