The Dyson Airwrap should be your new and only hair styling gadget

Dyson is known for producing some truly revolutionary vacuum cleaning products with bag-less technology, not to mention incredible air purifiers that also cool down/heat up the home, but the innovative company hasn’t stopped there. You might have already heard about Dyson’s supersonic hair dryer, but there is plenty more hairstyling tech where that came from. One of the most interesting hair styling products currently advertised by Dyson is called the Airwrap. Part straightener, part curler, and part hair dryer, the Airwrap could well become the one and only hair styling gadget that you’ll need at home or on holiday.

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Sold at around $500, the Airwrap is a multifaceted hair styling tool that is easy to use and worth the price tag after seeing the great results. Dyson never puts its name on an inferior product, and the Airwrap is no different, as it’s a bit of a game-changer when it comes to limiting the amount of gadgets you have to get to grips with. Anyone with long hair probably knows too well that there’s a cupboard full of failed styling tools that claimed they would make life easier, only to give horrible results and break down after a year. It’s rare to find one product to do three things very well, especially if you’re a lady who likes to switch up her hair often and experiment with new styles. Just ensure you know about some professional hairstyles for women by learning from hair experts Schwarzkopf before you begin.

At a size of 10.5 inches, the Airwrap comes with a variety of attachment heads that simply click and detach as you see fit. Keep in mind, however, that there are actually three different versions of the Airwrap itself. There’s Volume and Shape which suits those with finer, flatter hair, as well as Smooth and Control which helps those with frizzy hair, and finally there’s the Complete Set that pretty much combines the first two options and contains more attachments. If you’re a hairdresser, then the Complete Set would be convenient to suit more hair types, but it’s also a good idea for a household with different family members with long hair.

Much like it says, the Airwrap uses advanced air technology to essentially wrap your hair around the curling barrels if you want great curls but overall, you’ll find your hair is subjected less to immense heat. Although it won’t mean much to the typical person, you might like to know that the Airwrap uses something called the Coanda effect to create such a strong airflow. The machine really does most of the work when it comes to straightening and curling, as gripping and wrapping are practically automatic and there’s no need to touch hot barrels. As well, the Airwrap never goes beyond 302 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas most curling irons will heat up to around 400 degrees. The idea is to use the hair drying function to get dripping wet hair to a more manageable level to either begin curling or straightening.

The great thing is that the Airwrap provides so many options that you can be quite spontaneous with your hair styling decisions and spend far less time in the bathroom to get your hair looking just right – every family member can be happy with that!

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