The handsome Bang &Olufsen H5 in-ear headset brings quality to wireless

While the world pledges quality only to wired audio devices, going wireless is often something that audiophiles make a face at. Which is why when brands such as Bang & Olufsen show interest in creating clutter-free and tangle-free listening experiences, they infuse the very best into their offerings. The all-new B&O H5 in-ear wireless headset bears testimony to a sound system that is crisp, clear and looks incredibly good on you. The single-cord design makes enough room to accommodate a three-button remote control to toggle music tracks and adjust the volume.

Bang-&-Olufsen-H5 (2)
When it comes to quality, which is often the challenge with wireless headsets, B&O promises support for the aptX codec, which produces CD-like high-quality sound output. When it comes to specifics, the H5 will have 6.4 mm dynamic drivers in each of the two earbuds and an overall impedance of 16 Ohm. The output frequency will range between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. At moderate volume, the battery of the headset can keep you entertained for five hours straight, which is quite less.
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For any tweaks on the sound signature, you can use the free BeoPlay app for Android, iOS and WatchOS. It is available Stateside for $249 in black or dusty rose colors.

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[ Available at : Beoplay Via : Theverge ]