The iconic Leica T receives a stylish new upgrade

Back in 2014, shutterbugs across the globe stood enchanted with the unveil of Leica’s premium camera- the Leica T, that donned the very best of touchscreen controls and the sought after mirrorless functionality. While the super-luxe camera still stands appreciated, it recently received a fresh new upgrade, which will hopefully brim our hearts just as much.

The reinstated T, named as the Leica TL however does not change much of its predecessor’s form. On the outside, the TL looks exactly like the T with its chassis milled from a single block of aluminum along with the 16:9-ratio 3.7-inch touchscreen on the rear. Speaking about the changes, the first most striking variance is the TL’s enhanced autofocus system that is much faster than its previous counterpart, particularly so in AF-C (continuous autofocus mode). Secondly, the Leica TL is capable of creating its own Wi-Fi hotspot (much like other digital cameras), meaning you can transfer images and videos to your phone without relying on an external Wi-Fi network, quite unlike the Leica T. Additionally, the camera’s onboard storage has also been doubled to 32GB.

If you are already tempted into buying your very own Leica TL, you can do so by visiting Lecia stores or registered dealer outlets. Each of these exclusive cameras will cost you $1,695+ with an available spread of 6 lenses, 3 primes, and 3 zoom lenses. Not a big price for owning the very famous red dot we say!


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