The incredible Bose QuietComfort noise-cancelling headphones are now wireless

Bose has built a legion of faithful audiophiles who pledge their ears and wallets to the brand’s impressive devices. Among these wonders, the company’s noise-canceling headphones have been phenomenal. The QuietComfort line of headsets have remained true to their name, delivering unparalleled, crystal clear sound, and now, this proposition just got better. The company introduced the wireless rendition of the headsets, and they go by the name of QuietComfort 35. The design is very similar to the former wired counterpart. Other than the plain joy of wearing these comfortable earmuffs, the headset also promises 20 hours of nonstop playback, which is an important detail in the case of wireless wearables. You could choose to connect the headset to a wired base whenever possible to extend the battery life even further.

Bose wireless headphonres (4)
The QuietComfort wireless headsets will set you back $350 but will nullify a wide array of sounds that can hinder your listening experiences. The company has also introduced earbuds in the same line for $300 and they’re called QuietControl. These give you complete control over the amount of noise being omitted so that you have control over external sounds coming through, especially if you are riding a bike or being the headbanger on the pavement.
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