The Savant Remote is the one remote to rule them all

For centuries man has often been flummoxed by a single question, one that, quite often, leads to ridiculous notions and ideas sometimes even after much deliberation and pondering. It’s a question that makes sposes stress out and colleagues and friends sometimes go to farfetched places of thought for ideas; but now, ladies and gentlemen, the answer to that old conundrum – What do you get someone who has everything – has a more or less definitive answer – you get them something to control it all with! Designed and meticulously thought out by the company that specialises in home automation systems for the affluent, Savant Systems, comes the Savant Remote, the universal remote to rule them all.

This universal remote comes with a bridge device that is the communication hub for your devices. According to the company, the remote is capable of integrating with more than 380,000 third-party devices that are currently available to the general public as well the ones who are the 1% of the 1% and such. Devices like media streamers and other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integrated devices like speakers, amplifiers, TV’s etc. are also included in the expanse of what the Savant Remote can operate with. The company does also mention that for the moment, the remote is still in its nascent stage and will be more or less restricted to entertainment devices around the home; but they already have plans to have the remote expand its capabilities and include a lot more like climate control and even security features.

The Savant Remote’s design form came from a firm called Ammunition, that happens to be run by Robert Brunner, ex-Apple director of industrial design, and the man behind the design for Beats by Dre headphones and others; I don’t believe any more needs to be said with regards to its looks. It features a display to highlight what units are being controlled and takes things a step further by utilising Sphinx, the open source speech recognition software that will let users control devices via the built-in microphone by voicing out commands. The base software running the remote’s various features is Android.

The price of the Savant Remote is $500 which is quite steep, but all things considered, based on the kind of clientele that the company is usually associated with, it doesn’t seem too bad. CEO, William Lynch had this to say “It’s only been available for the uber wealthy. Now we want to make the Savant experience available to everyone”; well almost everyone. In today’s day and age of using our smartphones as universal everythings, it’s not going to be an easy sell, but like I said, it’s the perfect gift for that someone who already has everything. Lynch summed it up with – “We’re not launching some $25 remote to get into 10 million homes. We want to do things right.”

[ Via : Forbes ]

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