The ultimate in NES, retro-gaming is Analogue Interactive’s aluminum clad Nt device

Classic video games will probably never go out of style as long as there are devotees to the genre living and breathing, and while playing those 8 Bit, colorfully pixilated characters may be a stark contrast from the HD games of today, there’s something that will always draw a gamer back to them. With companies like Analogue Interactive, who are always striving towards keeping the classics alive and well even in the age of high-definition, you can be rest assured that their Analogue Nt devices, designed to render your classic games in their true pixilated brilliance on HD displays, will always find a home and retro-gaming will live on.

The company’s Nt device has been designed to comfortably upscale the original 8-bit games with upgraded audio, an adjustable color palette, four player support for the original game controllers and HDMI capability. All of this wizardry is housed inside a very slick looking, precision fabricated, solid block of aluminum that gives the console a very polished and classy look. What makes the Nt rather interesting is that it’s built using original Famicom unit parts; basically we’re looking at the guts of classic machines that were still functioning, being “transplanted” into a new, sleeker, more modern body. The units are fully compatible with NES games, including those of the original Japanese Famicom persuasions. Retro-gamers will also be able to use accessories like the Famicom Disk System when the mood suits them.

As most retro-gamers will know, the Analogue Nt console unit isn’t new, however, the company is now offering them up as limited editions and they don’t come cheap; the standard device goes for $499 in classic white. Anodized color options available in Black, Blue and Red will cost you an additional $49 and the HDMI Adapter upgrade will set you back another $79. Since the original units have already been sold out, the company is pushing their two new limited edition options (only 50 unites of reach will be produced) so you might want to get in on the pre-order list now.

[Available at : Analogueinteractive ]

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