The $1.4 million Kuratas is iPhone-controlled robot on wheels

Move over Giant Robot! Suidobashi Heavy Industries has unveiled its build-to-order Kuratas mech suit, for a price tag of $1.4 million. The 13-foot tall suit weighs about four tons. Running the V-Sido robot operating system, it comes with a steering control system with which you can operate its arms. It also comes with a “Master Slave Control System” to control its arms remotely using a miniature model. The robot comes equipped built-in 3G signal and iPhone controls. Sporting wheels at it base, it can travel at a top speed of 10 kmph.

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Along with the robot you can also pick up two weapons, a “Lohas Launcher” whick looks like a water gun and twin gatling gun which is capable of firing 6,000 BB bullets per minute. Also a Smile Shot feature unleashes BB bullets every time the pilot smiles.

Update –
The $1.35 million Kurata has already fetched more than 3,000 orders.
[Dvice and Geekologie]

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