The all-new ECCI Trackstar 6000 starts a tad less than $1000

For all you hard-core gamers, here is a product you simply can’t resist. The all-new ECCI TRACKSTAR 6000 sim-racing controls are just what you need. The ECCI has introduced some features that promise to change your gaming experience forever. The controls come with robust behind-the-wheel paddles promise “zero mechanical slop” and the new Monopoint II resistance system “delivers a light smooth feel through the center and progressive resistance towards the limits of the turn” according to ECCI. That’s not all folks, the steering lock to lock, overall spring tension, fine adjustment of centering preload, and the relative balance between spring and damping effect can all be tuned to the user’s needs. The amazing gizmo takes up lesser space (up to 25% lesser) than its earlier version the CDS4000 and includes a new shock-absorbing clamping system designed to hold it firm, at the same time preventing damage to your desk.

The Fluid Damped Steering system (not included in the base model) is designed to mimic the effect of tires on pavement and sits in an exposed position and under the metal wheel unit cover. For all you stylish gamers, you have the option of adding a polished aluminum billet FLDS cooling sleeve. This hard to resist dream machine is priced at $989 and with the tricked-up 6000GT and clutch-pedal packing 6000GTS models, the price goes up to $1198 and $1398 respectively. So go ahead and invest in this set of controls that are sure to drive you wild.

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