The Beast II HID and LED Torch from Surefire for $7,000!

Folks like you and me won’t need this beast. But there are few who would want to lay their hand on this Beast II from Surefire. It’s actually a LED torch. Despite its name, the Beast II is only 15.5 inches long and weighs just 4.5 pounds. However, it can deliver a 2,000-lumen beam of tightly focused white light, which is roughly equivalent to 130 two D-cell flashlights. It’s the sort of power level you see used on aircraft landing lights or home cinema projectors. This extraordinary light output comes from a High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp. This is the same type of lamp found in streetlights and stadium lights, but Beast II’s HID fits inside a reflector less than 4 inches in diameter. It’ll give you that for 1.5 hours too but you need to feed it with 20 and that too not the normal garden batteries, but with high-power lithium ones.

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The site says that it was originally designed for applications such as border patrol, maritime interdiction, search and rescue, and other situations requiring a super-rugged portable searchlight. However a layman can make use of it for number of outdoor applications, such as boat navigation, landmark identification, wildlife identification or surveying, outdoor photography, and big-room caving. But what makes it more exclusive is its horrendous price tag of £3,500 ($7,000).

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