The Emperor 1510 gaming and workstation is a geeks haven

Workstations have appealed to gamers and workaholics alike who never seem to stop raving about these genius contraptions. The latest entrant in workstations that promises to woo every geek out there is none other than the Emperor 1510 gaming and workstation! Promising to be the ultimate gaming and workstation, the Emperor 1510 is a stainless steel enclosure that features three screens, surround sound, adjustable seat and leg rests, an adjustable keyboard tray, inputs for a Mac or PC. Furthermore, this workstation flaunting the trademark Emperor scorpion shape and outline can recline up to 15 degrees and has a cup holder in the keyboard tray!

The amazing workstation can be customized with different colors and other accouterments as per your requirements. Whether you are playing your favorite game or working on spreadsheets, you will never feel like leaving this unique orb.
A geek’s haven, the Emperor 1510 is priced between $5000 and $10,000 (depending on how much you load it up) and is available for preorder here.

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