The gold bar shaped hi-fi amplifier is fit for a Royal audiophile

Just because you are an audiophile, doesn’t mean you can own sleek looking or opulent sound gadgets. And if you want an amplifier that “magnifies and disperses sound” and gives you the Midas touch too, check out the GoldAmp A100 amplifier. The Amp comes shaped like gold bullion for a “golden musical experience”. The hand crafted device offers power of “100 Watts @1 Ohm of load capacity” and “input impedance of 18 KOhm” so that the speakers receive maximum electrical signals without loss because of the resistance of the electrical circuit.

This 120mm x 94mm x34 mm amplifier’s gold color comes with a specially crafted lacquer that looks and feels like real gold bullion. It weighs just 800 grams and uses advanced engineering, which means fewer wires and a shorter distance between output speakers and amplifying devices that offer better sound quality. This chick looking device can be yours for a price tag that can read between $48,620 and $ 51,490.

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