The Inada W.1 Massage Chair

All of us cannot afford to go to the spa to unwind and relax. Not that we cannot afford it, but who has that kind of time to go there? In this day of instant money, instant love and instant entertainment even relaxation have to come instantaneously! The Inada W.1 Massage Chair seems to be the perfect answer, because not only is it a massaging chair but it also offers music and sound synchronization via its built-in system. The chair scans your body with its integrated infrared sensors to identify your main tsubo shiatsu pressure points. Your processed data triggers off an appropriate program, you can alter the course with the included remote control.

While you are relaxing you can listen to your fav music from your home entertainment system that hooks up to the Inada W.1 Massage Chair’s built-in amp and speaker (found in the headrest). What’s really cool is that the massage’s rhythm is synced to the music and sounds within the bass range, while tapping, back, and leg vibration work in tandem to the treble range. The pricing details of this luxury chair are not available.

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