The Keuco visipad by Visiomatic Multimedia System

We never thought that you would get so busy that you would not be able to take a soak in the tub without the Internet lurking in the shadows. Well if you believe the guys at Keuco and Visiomatic you need one in your loo. Just in case that important mail came in. The other features of the visipad though are cool (only if it were not for the loo). It is a touchscreen that is splash resistant and can play music for you. Write SMS, play the DVD or CD, read the newspaper or just stare at the clock display. Oh…and I almost forgot, you could talk on the phone from it. I still can’t fathom why would one want to surf the net in the bathroom? Moreover, I think people enjoy reading books while taking a soak! If you are still sold on the idea of a multimedia system for the bathroom then this one offers a mirrored glass screen and comes in wall-mounted and free-standing.


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