The limited edition of Prada ASUS S6F pink leather laptop

Heralded almost a year ago, the limited edition of the Prada notebook has finally made an entry into the market. Due to be sold over the Christmas season, The Prada ASUS S6F may just be the laptop you were looking for. Available in a leather finish in dark and light cowhide already, the limited edition of fifty pieces will be available in Pink leather. Well appreciated by all, the regular cowhide leather notebooks have been doing well already. The swanky new color is sure to impress most people. The hardware specs are like this: The glass is an 11.1″ WXGA widescreen display at 1366×768 running off an onboard Intel 950. The processor is a 1.66 GHz Core Duo with a ceiling of two gigs of DDR2 RAM. It has a 120 gig hard drive, a DVD burner, integrated WiFi, gigabit Ethernet, and a 4-in-1-memory card reader.

The Prada ASUS S6F pink leather laptop weighs less than three pounds, has a battery life of a bit more than two hours, and costs about $2500.

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