The new name in turntables – the Majik LP 12

With DJing being one of the hottest professions in the market today, it’s no wonder that companies such as Linn are coming up with some really funky turntables. For example, Linn’s newly released Majik LP12 turntable that gives the elbow o the soundek LP12 turntable that was released by Linn 35 years back. Based on the original, benchmark-setting Sondek, the Majik version adds a new Linn power supply, a solid baseboard, an Adikt MM cartridge, and a Pro-Ject 9cc tonearm.

The Majik LP12 uses a flat Neoprene belt to get things moving, and a single-piece carbon-fiber arm tube and headshell. Linn has of course stressed that all new parts in the new deck have been designed and built with care and precision and that the solid base delivers the necessary platform for high-quality audio. The sub-chassis on the deck have been machine-pressed to provide a strong consistent foundation and all this comes priced at around $4,000 in five different finishes.