The Octane 120 fulfills your gaming needs

Now here’s something I was looking for. It’s called the Octane 120 and is packed with all the goodies that can keep you glued to it for as long as you want. Basically a gaming seat, the Octane 120 also provides with some interesting audiovisual treats by means of a projection on a 10 foot (10 x 12 = 120 inches) screen, 120 games, and a fantastic 5.1 surround sound system that can take you to another world every time you take flight on some alien spaceship. Now it so happened some years ago that the theory of designing gaming chairs was looked at as selfish and not-for-the-group sorts. But things have changed a bit. The Octane 120 has a beer tap that can keep your friends busy gulping on some chilled beer while you drive through the narrow lanes and run over bystanders.

Well, it does offer all that one would seek in a gaming chair and more but at a price of $6,995. So, do give it a thought. Drink and drive were never legal before this!

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