The Olive Karim Rashid edition

What do you get when you combine the award-winning Olive 4 HiFi Music Server and the wireless Olive 2 multi-room player? A spectacular sound quality that makes music sweeter to your auditory senses like never before, which is exactly what the Karim Rashid edition has to offer. This system’s beautiful snow white finish, with two design patterns is a treat to your eyes too.

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You can store up to 3,000 CDs in their original quality in the Olive 4 system. Together with the Olive 2, you can enjoy crystal clear sound quality in 10 rooms simultaneously. The touch-screen display allows you to quickly scan through your collection and play your favorite tracks at a touch. What’s more is, this Olive setup is easy to install without need of professional help. Give your ears the quality of music they deserve with this Olive.

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