The ornate iPad dock is fit for royalty

If the royalty of the riches was gold and the royalty of the new age man is an iPad, how would you coagulate both these expressions? Simply make a ridiculously ornate iPad dock such as the one photographed here! Created by Bavarian-based photographer Georg Dinkel, the iPad speaker dock is named “TonSchrein,” which stands for “Sound Shrine” in German. The shrine iPad dock, which appears a bit more like a little kingdom to me, is fabricated out of polymer clay.

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It’s not all looks and no brains as you’d have imagined; it is a fully functional 2.1 speaker sound system encased within its gem-encrusted shell. It’s bad news for those who’s mouths have already started watering- The iPad dock also personalized for an iPod, is not for sale as it is a personal project by the designer!
[Craziestgadgets and Gizmodo]

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