The OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator lets you take off without leaving your room

I always wanted to fly a plane all by myself, but some hobbies need more efforts than just funds. So if all the bureaucracy is pulling you down, get a simulator to ensure that you enjoy your hobby instead! And one such option you can check out is the OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator. The full-motion flight simulator system features three 24″ TFT panoramic monitors that offer stunning landscapes and motions simulating “twisting, pitching, slipping, accelerating and braking on the runway and in the air” for a real flying experience. You can also experience “turbulence, runway irregularities, engine vibration and jolting from the ignition.” You can also adjust the light intensity with a special lighting system in the cockpit to simulate day and night. How cool is that!

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Along with all the required “levers, adjustable pedals, controls, instruments, buttons and indicators, including a real 5-position switch for engine ignition,” the system is powered by Microsoft Flight Simulator X, making it a child’s play for everyone. The £35,995 ($57,230) system offers 2 years for equipment (PC, screens, controls) and 1 year for the simulator.

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