The Oxygen Displacing Argon Gas Wine Vault—A Total Treat

You enjoyed the bottle of expensive wine but half is left, what do you do? A true connoisseur knows the actual value of wine storage. Many people buy the wine, but do not know how to store it correctly. Oxidation is one of the reasons that wine loses its rich flavor. To tackle this, the Superior Oxygen Displacing Argon Gas Wine Vault is perfect. The inert gas removes the oxygen efficiently by displacing oxygen through a specially designed reusable cork, which vents oxygen through eight apertures in its body, maintaing a vacuum between the surface of the wine and the outside air, and thereby preserving and maximizing a wines unique qualities for up to two weeks.

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Storing up to 14 bottles horizontally using curved stainless steel shelves designed to fit most bottle shapes, it is a neat investment. Costing about $300, this is one cellar you don’t want to miss.