The Pink Blackberry Bold and pink 3G iPhone all decked up in diamonds

If you thought your Valentine’s Day is over, you probably need to wait a bit longer because your spouse might end up gifting you the hottest phone on the roll- The Pink Blackberry Bold with white and pink sapphire diamonds and the Pink 3G iPhone 16GB with white diamonds. The Pink Blackberry Bold is embedded with 328 diamonds (86 in the front and 242 at the back). The diamonds have a color F-G, Clarity of VS1, and a Bezel carat of approximately 3.95 phones has a 24hr one-year international concierge service and sets you back $5,700.

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The Pink 3G iPhone 16GB has a staggering 527 diamonds on the front with clarity VS, Color F and Bezel carat approximately 3.71. It retails for $14,256 and has a 24hr one year concierge service. For all those men who think all women love jewelry more than bejeweled gizmo, probably need to change their attitude to welcome the spanking new times.