The Professional motion picture snow machine

Producers and Directors can take a crack at this. This one is the same snow machine used by world-renowned special effects company, Thomas FX that produces evaporative falling snow that looks, feels, and responds to ambient conditions just like the real snow! How cool is that! The apparatus uses a patented snow solution and distilled water to make realistic looking flakes and the 600-watt engine and integrated fan propels the flakes up to 30” high. The output for light snowfall or heavy furies could be adjusted with the help of Remote control. You could have that pleasant snowfall for about an hour and the lightweight design of the machine ensures easy portability. Now you could change the weather according to your mood at the touch of a button, futuristic isn’t it?

It is inclusive of an 8-oz bottle of concentrated snow solution that produces about 1 gallon of snow. The snow machine retails for $1500.