The Radioraft houses your iPod safely

Summertime is the time to splash around in the pool, swig a few chilled beers (if you’re legal age), and laze around with friends. To set the party rolling, you need to have great music; however the swimming pool and your iPod aren’t exactly friends. In steps Radioraft, a floatation device that houses your iPod safely, making it waterproof with full 360-degree directional audio via five built-in speakers, pumping out 400 watts of power. The battery lasts for 8 hours for non-stop party action. It even has 6 stainless steel cup holders incorporated into the design so that you can enjoy your choice of beverage right in the middle of the pool. Pop in the iPod into the watertight glove box with waterproof controls on top.

The Radioraft sells for $2000.
waterproof_iPod _dock2.jpg