The Summit Built-In or Freestanding Drawer Refrigerator is a luxurious addition to your kitchen

I love refrigerators. I seriously do! I wish to develop a perfect excuse (and the moolah) to trade my old refrigerator for a new one. So as my mind was thinking of various excuses to let go of my old baby, I finally came across the Summit Built-In or Freestanding Drawer Refrigerator. With an adjustable thermostat, automatic defrost, an interior light, and silent operation, this stylish built-in under-counter refrigerator is just the perfect companion for my old one (there go my hopes for investing in of those two-door refrigerators). But on the bright side, it will definitely help me save some money during the credit crunch and yet let me become the proud owner of a new refrigerator. The two seamless, fully stainless steel drawers are equipped with the highest quality spring to assist glides for easy movement, wide access to the interior, and an airtight seal. The drawers have enough storage with compartments (includes egg trays, fruit basket, lift out containers) for storing all your items in a neat, organized manner. But what charmed me the most is the transparency factor. The top drawer has a clear glass bottom that allows you to view the lower drawer’s contents. Amazing, isn’t it? With an option of a thin professional or full-width towel bar style for the handles, this refrigerator is definitely a must-have.

Here are the tech specs of this baby:
* Dimensions: 35 1/2”W x 35 3/8”H (41 3/8”H with legs) x 22”D
* Capacity: 6.7 cu. ft.
* Electrical: 110V, 60Hz
Priced at $3,949, this stainless steel beauty is available at So for all those looking for the perfect under counter refrigerator, this baby is definitely a must have.

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