The Talking Microwave From Hamilton Beach

Gadgets that talk to you can be fun. But after the initial novelty wears out, they can sound rather foolish. Imagine your micro keeps reminding you that your popcorn is done. Initially very amusing but later on very annoying! Well I hope that the Hamilton Beach Microwave has much more to offer than just a mechanical voice telling me that my meat is still in the micro. The specs are interesting and the dual language (English/Spanish) features a good point. The 900-Watt Hamilton Beach unit is 0.9 cubit feet.It The talking option is meant to be instructive and can walk you through the different features. It has Eight Preset Functions for Common Foods and Five Express Cook One-Touch Settings also Five Memory Setting Buttons.

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The microwave is available in black or stainless steel colors and can be found at stores such as Wal-mart and Amazon for under $100.