The world’s largest subwoofer

Somewhere in Italy, we have a genius who has mastered the art of audio production by the means of some highly sophisticated equipment for crystal clear, high quality sound. It’s called the Royal Device audio room and is the property of the guy who designed it: Roberto. It is basically a room that is built to provide the best musical extravaganza one could imagine. The subwoofer horns (47 cm woofers each, 16 in total) are place in a 1 meter deep depression in the ground. Each horn is 9.5 meters long and covers 2.2 sq. meters of the floor. It can generate a powerful 10 Hertz output minimum.

The mouth are of the horns isn’t place horizontally along the floors but have to be considered along the vertical front panels. There’s a lot happening in Italy besides the football and the pasta. I would love hearing the creepy symphony by Richard Wagner in here or how about having a full blooded mosh pit with Lamb of God’s music blaring through!