The Wurlitzer CD Jukebox is the most modern retro device

The only reason I probably loved the retro era is because of the cool Jukeboxes. Even though technology has evolved and all gadgets have been reduced in size, the big Jukebox is something that will never go out of fashion. So if you too feel the need to own this retro piece, have a look at The Wurlitzer CD Jukebox. A replica of the the1956 Wurlitzer model 2100, it has been updated to play 100 CDs. Equipped with all modern applications, this retro device still retains its charm. Other than a microprocessor-controlled 100-CD changer, this baby also houses a thoroughly modern two-channel stereo amplifier that produces clear, robust sound from two 55-watt stereo speakers and a separate subwoofer. This modern-day retro jukebox even boasts of a PC that enables you to set your own background music when a CD is not being played and set the jukebox to play continuously.

An on-board scanner captures CD cover art, reproducing them on two 10″ color, flat-screen displays; track titles are entered manually. You can search for your favorite songs by genre, artist name, or by most popular. The classic exterior with the chrome front speaker panels and a glass observation window has the most modern technology hidden underneath it. So go on, and play the tune of your choice with this classic yet trendy jukebox that even includes a remote control!
Priced at $12,000 at Hammacher, it will definitely appeal to many high-end customers. The device includes a microphone jack and connections for additional speakers, plugs into AC, and measures 57″ H x 35 1/2″ W x 29 1/2″ D. (374 lbs.)

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