The Xi Jukebox for iPod

Fancy peripherals for the iPod are always welcome. The Xi Jukebox seems to be a pretty vocal option for those who love their music. It comes in classic, retro jukebox style and delivers your tunes via a powerful 3-way speaker system. It sports an integral LCD video screen. It can playback and display displays music videos Image/Photo slideshow (with audio tracks only). The iPod cradle designed to automatically accept all iPods (except nano). Naturally it charges the iPod once you dock it. The LED lighting creates amazing depth with long lasting color changes. You can even change the color scheme to suit your mood.

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The Xi Jukebox supports Mk7 Twin channel Amplifier, 150w per channel, 2 x tweeter, 2 x mid range and 1 x 12” twin cone bass speaker. The jukebox costs about £4850 ($9500), but for a bit more you can customize it as per your needs.