These wireless speakers are made from concrete and they sound really good

German audio maker Concrete Audio has a unique way of delivering precision tones to the audiophiles out there who also happen to appreciate aesthetics and a sense of visual balance and appeal. The F1 Flat Panel wireless speaker system from the company is thus a forerunner with the upbeat esoteric crowd who look for these specific aspects when making a purchase of high-end audio; of course winning the German Design Award 2015 will certainly help boost sales of the F1 a little more too.

Built into an ultra slim body and using a state of the art patented array technology, these very innovative speakers look extremely worthy of the accolades they have received. The array of 41 speakers sitting in a mere 32mm frame, has been designed by developed by Fraunhofer IDMT and functions like a single unified source of output akin to a “large single membrane” a Jury of the German Design Award committee put it. Using special high strength concrete to help reliably try and prevent vibrations of the enclosure is what gives the F1 Panel speaker system the kind of award winning tone quality. The curing process makes each piece a unique loudspeaker that’s identical in shape and surface qual­ity, but ha sit’s own individuality in terms of grain.

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The F1 active speakers can be placed directly onto the wall and thanks to Audiofly’s Syncronice wireless audio setup, audio can be streamed from a smartphone, tablet or any other device with streaming capabilities without a delay. They’re easy to set up and install and the flower like array also gives the speakers a very appealing look.

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Concrete Audio also offers the F1 Wireless Speakers in a wide range of colors and surface finishes which can be combined with aluminum or real wooden frames and even a reversible cover with individual motifs.

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