This $40,000 Chinese robot droid uses UV light and disinfectant spray to kill coronavirus pathogens

Now that China is free of the clutches of coronavirus, they are focusing their energies and minds to cleansing and disinfecting the hospitals to finish whatever remains. In order to do this, they have created a $40,000 hospital robot that uses a combination of UV light and liquid disinfectant spray to kill coronavirus pathogens. From what we have learned is this robot sports four groups of ultraviolet germ-killing lamps on its body along with five atomizing disinfectant spraying nozzles that do not leave a residue which is great because let’s not leave anything to chance. The lessons learned by all recently were hard and it’s better to be sure than sorry later. The contraption looks like a very promising one as the droid can carry 1500 milliliters of disinfectant liquid and takes six hours to fully charge.

The disinfection droid is 4.4 feet (1.4 meters) tall and costs at least $40,000, designed and executed by the Shanghai, China-based Keenon Robotics Company. Earlier too a combination of UV and medical sprays has worked to disinfect viruses like Sars and Mers. The disinfection droid has been specially made for coronavirus. As per Chinese regulations to fight COVID-19, UV light irradiation and hydrogen peroxide-based spray disinfection should be done twice daily. The bots going to be busy for a while I guess!

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[Via: BBC]

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