This beautiful mobile phone is designed exclusively for women by the British Museum

If you were horrified years ago when pen company BIC introduced pen just for women, then you may be less than thrilled to hear that a Chinese company called Meitu has partnered with the British Museum to create a limited edition of its V6 smartphone that will be marketed to women. This phone gets a feminine touch thanks to the application of Rococo design on the outside.

The inspiration behind the design was artist Antoine Watteau, one of the most important and famed Rococo artists. The pastel colored phone is sold with an ECCO leather case and an additional cosmetic brush set. Yes, because women should have makeup brushes that match their phones. The brand says they are targeting the worldwide ‘female economy’. Or as women call it, half the regular economy.

The phone features Meitu pioneering dual-pixel front camera fitted with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) technology, offering photo quality and performance similar to DSLR cameras, and magic AI (Artificial Intelligence) beautification technology, which can apply different facial improvement effects specific to skin tones and faces of various genders and ages. Of course, because all women want is a cellphone that provides beautiful selfies.

This phone will probably be popular thanks to its beautiful exterior design, but to say that it is a phone for women just because it looks beautiful seems reductive. Most women do not want phones that are exceptionally beautiful; we just want what everyone wants, utility and long battery life. You can buy this arbitrarily gendered phone from May 20 on and May 30 at China Telecom retail stores for 6,999 yuan (US$1101).

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