This ‘Megastar class’ home planetarium recreates the night class in your living room

Sitting under the stars and enjoying their subtle light is probably the best part of camping and if you can’t afford an ultra-luxe tent, then this Japanese product may be the next best thing. World-renowned planetarium designer Takayuki Ohira, has created the Megastar Class, a projection device that will bring the night sky into your home.

Megastar class (3)
The Megastar Class is able to create a 180 degree projection and includes a diurnal motion that’s set to the 35th parallel north to create an authentic representation of the night sky. The Bluetooth enabled device offers mood lighting that replicate dusk, dawn and blue skies.
Megastar class (1)
Available in black and white versions, the projector is priced at US$ 18,200. After all, romantic indoor stargazing sessions come at a cost!

[ Pre-order at : Japantrendshop Via : Trendhunter ]

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