This Wilson football could be smarter than your favorite quarter back

The Wilson X Connected Football is smart. It was showcased at the Lightbox where its capabilities were demonstrated in a 3,000 sq. ft. room. It costs $199 and will hit shelves on September 8th. So what sets it apart from the high profile balls used in the big leagues? The Wilson X Connected Football can be used in the smallest places, giving you analysis that could help you train better. An accompanying app reflects all that there is to the game of football that a ball can capture. Each throw will now be measured and offer you insights that even some professionals do not have access to. It makes up with accelerators as much as it misses out on gyroscopes. Data is sent across Bluetooth and can last for 200,000 throws or about 500 hours of continuous throwing! This energy saving is possible thanks to the ball’s automatic switching into sleep state when no activity is sensed.

YouTube video

That’s not all. Thanks to the app you can also keep a check on what your friends are achieving in their throwing routines. Compare scores, create challenges and let the good times flow. Now go throw!

[ Via : Freshnessmag ]

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