Tigé to debut the TigéTouch: A hi-tech touch interface for its boats

Just recently, we had a glance at what a difference it makes to have a hi-tech system in your yacht. Matching our views is another manufacturer of water sports towboats, Tigé, who is all set to debut its touch interface for its 2010 Tigé RZ and Vé models at this week’s Surf Expo Industry Show. A hi-tech system, it has been christened the TigéTouch. The inboard system uses “proprietary Tigé software” that includes engine and speed control functions. By pressing a button, you can create up to 20 athletes presets that can save riding speed, ballast settings, and TAPS2 positioning. It is also equipped with iPod interface functionality for rocking some waves.

There is however no mention on the type of touchscreen but heck, who wouldn’t want one of these babies in their boats.

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