TileVision- a waterproof mirror LCD TV

A ‘must-have’ bathroom appliance to wet your avant-garde desires! A shower, a pot, a tub, a basin, or fittings even if bejeweled with diamonds and crystals will only be considered as the basic necessities of a bathroom. A luxury bathroom won’t be luxurious enough without an LCD TV in it. TileVision a waterproof mirror LCD TV, the latest product from Porter Lancastrian Ltd will be available September onwards in 17″ and 23″ wide-screen format with a 170° viewing angle. The super pin-sharp, LCD screen will allow you to lay back in the bath, whilst enjoying your favorite TV or movie. Tilevision is a completely independent television – totally waterproof and totally tamperproof – all functions, including set-up and tuning are remotely controlled.

When you are bored of watching all those telly-stars, indulge gazing into your reflection as it’s just a mirror when the TV is OFF. Made from 6mm thick toughened safety glass, the screen is heated to keep it clear of condensation. This bathroom small screen is perfect for use in high humidity areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, pool/jacuzzi areas, and even spa rooms. Once installed, the Tilevision will provide you with hours of entertainment as you lather up, blow dry your hair, or partake in other bathroom activities. Other features included are- a 30 button waterproof remote control, most common inputs/outputs, and an internal stereo FM radio. Nicam stereo sound output via two waterproof 5” flush-mounted speakers is optional. This mirror TV is available in Mirror, Black, and Silver finish and can fit any bathroom decor.

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