Titanium iPhone 3GS sets new standards for luxury phones

The iPhone 3GS has been dressed in a variety of materials. After dazzling in a rose gold body, this phone is now sizzling in a space-age material, titanium! Looking stunning in this new material, the phone promises to be a hot favorite with luxury lovers everywhere. The titanium iPhone was designed by Martin Schritz, who wasn’t happy with his iPhone’s plastic body. After spending several months customizing the design that consisted of digitally measuring the original case, he used CAD to design the new case. Martin opted for a special titanium alloy for his project as it was RF transparent and didn’t negatively affect signal strength. What is interesting is that the whole customization process was completed without dismantling his iPhone! Titanium, a luxurious material that is generally used in high-end products only (particularly for the racing/performance markets), has definitely added a unique touch of luxury to this phone.

Great job indeed, have a look at the pictures and video of this amazing titanium iPhone 3GS.

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