Titanium iPhone Case by Divoti crafted from Space Shuttle materials

If you thought the 2012 CES was all about gadgets and geeks, guess again. OK, it is mostly about gadgets, but it seems to be more like making a gadget shopping list. So if you are disappointed that Apple didn’t come out with the iPhone 5 at the event, here is an opulent reason for cheer. An iPhone case, tagged as Case Titan, was showcased at the event by Divoti. The case has been crafted using titanium which is the same as what NASA uses to construct space shuttles.

The jewelry manufacturer from Europe added that the case also “dramatically improves the audio quality of music.” Divoti’s CEO Ronald He also added, “It’s so unique that we have patented it.” No wonder high-end audiophile equipment makers Gutwire has collaborated with Divoti for this product. But that’s not where the list of unique features ends. The case features 99.99% pure germanium granules embedded at the back of the case to “absorb the heat from hands and the battery.” So it’s luxurious, stylish, add value, and promotes healthier technology. Not a bad deal at all!