TiVo Mega: the world’s most insane DVR that can record 3 years of TV

Do you constantly struggle with your DVR for room to store your favorite TV shows? If you have $5,000 to spare, you can now buy yourself the grand daddy of all DVRs. Introducing the Tivo Mega; the TV addicts’ ultimate tool to record shows which won’t run out of space till you store 26,000 hours of SD footage. That’s close to 3 years of TV recording. This huge, server-sized TiVo contains a whopping 24TB of storage in a RAID 5 arrangement with hot-swappable drives. Don’t mistake it for a normal set-top device, because if you’re concerned about simultaneous recording, let me tell you that this thing will record six channels at the same time. You can also fix it anywhere in the house, as it serves video via the Internet to your iOS devices, transcoding on the fly.

But, if you watch HD TV and want your recordings in high definition rather than SD, it can record six months in the larger format. Users can also access apps and third-party streaming services, such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus and Spotify, all from the same interface. Just in case if you find the five-grand price tag a tad pricey, the amount also includes a lifetime subscription to TiVo’s service so you should at least have something to record. It goes on sale in early 2015.


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