TouchDiva to hit European markets on 1st December for $1,100

The TouchDiva has to be one of the most awaited products this December. There are rumors surfacing everywhere about what special features this entertainment gizmo has in store for its customers. Well, here’s a sneak peak into what this Danish product has to offer. The device is a 15.4-inch touch screen unit you install in your home, and, via the magical wonders of the internet, you get all the music you ever wished to hear and more for minimal subscription fee of $13 per month. You are bound to get the music of your choice as the Danish makers have reportedly made agreements with four of the worlds major music companies namely Warner, EMI, Sony-BMG, and Universal granting them access to more than 2million songs.

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This sleek and chic unit houses 2 125W ICE power (Bang & Olufsen-manufactured) amps. This Diva has only two buttons on its exterior, the on/off, and reset adding to its already unique design. With so much to offer, you know the diva is not going to come cheap. Priced at $1,100 it is reported to hit the European markets on 1st December.

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