TPH5 Home Cinema system suits your technically ‘sound’ ambience

If having a sound Home theatre system could make your life at home complete, I wouldn’t call that dim fantasy because I’d fancy that myself. The TPH5 Home Cinema system is a complete realm of audio-visual action that would cater to all your need for music and movies. The Il Flota floating 80-inch screen has a natural coating that allows you are viewing even in natural light. The screen panel could be fitted as a magnificent divider between a bathroom and a bedroom. The Octaves could be replaced with a selection of high-end Morel in-wall & in-ceiling speakers that provide great sound for your bathroom as well as the bedroom.

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The Media center is an elegant compact unit and forms the central hub of music and a Video server for the entire house. So you can have instant access to movies, holiday photos, home videos, and the internet. The speaker system is also equipped with a nice, lacquer-finished ‘bookshelf’ where you can store your accessories. The TPH5 home cinema system retails for $32,000.

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